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Celebrating Paloma’s Progress with PTA Elisa

Paloma riding a tricycle and PTA Elisa waving beside herPaloma is a sweet and cheerful two-year-old who has made some amazing progress with the help of physical therapy. When she began PT with our team in early May, Paloma wasn’t walking and could only crawl. Luckily, Aveanna PTA Elisa Lozano was determined to help Paloma increase her abilities, independence, and confidence.

When Elisa began therapy with her, Paloma would unsteadily walk while holding on with one hand. She did not want to let go! Paloma couldn’t squat down to pick up toys and had to hold on to Elisa with both hands when going up stairs.

Elisa has been a PTA for 17 years and with Aveanna for the past 12. She brought her years of experience to help Paloma, as well as her great passion for therapy. Elisa loves waking up and coming to work every day. She is always open to helping her patients and fellow therapists and loves working with children and helping them progress through their developmental milestones.

Paloma kicking a ball and holding PTA Elisa's handSo many patients and families have benefited from Elisa’s experience, care, and dedication. Paloma is no exception. Thanks to Elisa’s care, Paloma is now great at picking up toys from the floor. She can walk by herself for about 80 feet. And she has discovered how fun it is fun to kick a ball and bowl!

We are amazed by Paloma’s progress and so grateful to Elisa for all of her hard work. Elisa is an invaluable member of the Aveanna team, and we would not be the same without her. Thank you and happy PT Month, Elisa!