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Zaylah and PT Jan

Zaylah and PT Jan (wearing a face mask) smiling at the cameraOctober is Physical Therapy Month! As we celebrate PT and the amazing ways it helps so many, we wanted to share Zaylah and PT Supervisor Jan’s story.

Just a few short months ago, Zaylah was unable to walk. She would crawl or have a family member carry her around her home. When she went outside, Zaylah needed someone to push her in a stroller for any distance. Her independence both at home and outdoors was limited.

Zaylah walking with her crutchesIn May, Zaylah received her crutches, and PT Jan helped her get used to walking with them. Zaylah has progressed by leaps and bounds since then! She is now moving independently around her home and outdoors. She only needs someone standing by when she goes up and down the stairs.

Zaylah is so excited to return to school when the time comes now that she’ll be able to walk through the halls and her classrooms on her own. Therapy, her new mobility aid, and PT Jan have given Zaylah confidence and independence and helped her see all the amazing things she is capable of.

Congratulations on all your progress, Zaylah. Happy PT Month!