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Gaining Independence and Confidence with Physical Therapy

PT Erin wearing a mask in foreground, Starcie dancing in backgroundIn honor of PT Month, we are so excited to share our patient Starcie’s amazing progress! Starcie has received therapy services from Aveanna since 2014, but these past 6 months she really turned a corner. All of Starcie’s hard work has paid off, and she is now strong enough to do push-ups and sit ups, hop on one leg, and walk on a balance beam.

Aveanna PT Erin Williams has known Starcie since she was a baby. A PT for 18 years, Erin worked as an Aveanna therapist previously from 2014 to 2017. During that time, she helped teach Starcie to walk. Erin recently came back to work with Aveanna because she loves working with children, showing parents the beautiful things their children can do, and seeing parents’ smiles when their kids reach a new milestone and defy the odds.

When Erin recently rejoined the Aveanna family and Starcie started teletherapy due to the pandemic, Erin returned as her PT. These two have been having fun and making incredible progress ever since! Erin motivates Starcie during therapy sessions with dancing, singing and fun performances.

We love to see the milestones Starcie is reaching and the strength and confidence she’s gaining. Thank you to PT Erin for all you do to support Starcie. Happy PT Month to you both!