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Aveanna Veteran: Anissa Jacob

Nurse Anissa with American flag in background and Aveanna Veteran pin in foregroundAnissa Jacob is empathetic, eager to learn, and always striving to improve. At the core of everything she does, Anissa has a heart for serving others. That’s clear from her work as an Aveanna nurse and from the time she spent in the military.

Anissa served in the army for four years active duty and four years in the reserves. She joined the military because of her passion for helping others and her deep desire to serve her country. When she left the military, Anissa brought many lessons with her into civilian life, but perhaps the most powerful was a habit of always looking beyond herself.

As a veteran, Anissa has had several jobs, but she says none of them has been as rewarding as caring for her Aveanna patient for the past three years. While it may be on a smaller scale, working one-on-one with her patient has given Anissa the same sense of greater purpose that she had while serving in the military.

This year, our Baton Rouge team named Anissa their Nurse of the Year because of her care, compassion, and incredible dedication in the face of COVID-19. “The pandemic has brought many challenges,” Anissa acknowledges. “It has hit home how valuable and essential it is to be a nurse.”

Anissa’s service is just as essential as ever, and we are honored that she is serving with the Aveanna family. This Veterans Day, we hope you will join us in honoring Anissa and all other veterans who have done so much for our country.