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Aveanna Veteran: Adam Wilson

Growing up, Adam loved the military. In fact, he decided to follow in his older sister’s footsteps, join the ROTC program at Sacramento State University, and commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army upon graduation. Adam always wanted to serve his country and be a leader. He couldn’t think of a better way to do that than to commission as an Army officer.

As an officer, Adam experienced and accomplished a lot. He became a Ranger School and Airborne School graduate and Field Artillery Officer. He also earned the Bronze Star Medal during his tour in Iraq. Through it all, Adam learned about service and leadership.

“The military taught me to be more patient, observant, humble, team-oriented, and hard working,” Adam shares. “It taught me that leaders not only give direction but also develop their team members.” When the time came for Adam to leave the military, these important lessons helped him find a civilian job and grow his career in the healthcare field. But the transition to civilian life came with challenges as well.

“I found a civilian job before leaving the military,” Adam recalls. “But I still struggle with adjusting to life as a veteran today, five years later. Veterans have to learn a new lingo – for example, what business casual attire is and what to say to employers. Things like that can cause frustration for veterans and make them second guess their decision to exit the military. I think all veterans will struggle with that transition back to civilian life to a certain extent.”

One thing that helped Adam adjust to his life as a veteran was a support system that understood what he was going through. “There are difficulties,” Adam admits, “but my fellow veterans helped me navigate them. We reach out to each other, check in and give advice and support.”

Another thing that helped ease the transition for Adam was finding a career with a greater sense of purpose. Adam wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after leaving the military. He found an opportunity in healthcare and fell in love with the field. As a veteran, Adam still had the same desire to serve and lead. And he does that now as an Aveanna Location Director.

“Healthcare and the military are similar in some ways,” Adam reflects. “You’re giving back in both fields, whether that is to your country and your fellow soldiers or to your patients and caregivers. I always wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. I felt like I did that in the military, and I feel like I’m doing that now as part of Aveanna.”

We are honored to have veterans like Adam on the Aveanna team. And we are dedicated to supporting these individuals who devoted themselves to our country. This Veterans Day, we hope you join us in celebrating all of our veterans and the sacrifices they made.