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Understanding Support Bubbles

Cartoon family with parents, grandparents, and children wearing masks and in a bubbleAs we continue our fight to keep our Aveanna family safe in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I’d like to take a moment to address support bubbles.

Social distancing continues to be recommended to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This has created difficult situations, putting a strain on individuals, families, and friends. We all need human connection and socialization. As a society, we are trying to navigate meeting those needs in the midst of a pandemic. One solution some have suggested is support bubbles.

The idea of support bubbles originated in New Zealand. It calls for two or more people or households to agree to socialize in person with only each other. In this situation, socialization needs are met while keeping risk lower by controlling the group you are in contact with.

Cartoon parents and child wearing masks inside a bubbleSupport bubbles can be somewhat safe when done correctly. Experts say not to join a bubble unless everyone in the group agrees to follow masking and social distancing guidelines while outside the bubble. Limiting the size of the bubble cuts down on risk, as does choosing outdoor rather than indoor activities.

Support bubbles are growing more popular around the world in an effort to fend off loneliness, stress, and anxiety after months of isolation and social distancing. This is not a zero-risk option. Support bubbles do pose risks and go against many public health recommendations. However, many individuals are already choosing to end their quarantine, and each person makes their decisions based on their unique risk tolerance.

Whatever your decisions and choices, remember that no matter our role at Aveanna, each of us plays a part in bringing vital care to some of our nation’s most vulnerable individuals. Because of that, we have a special responsibility to protect ourselves and one another. Stay safe!

If you are considering a support bubble, please remember:

  • Keep the number of your bubble participants small
  • Observe social distancing and masking guidelines while not in your bubble
  • Choose outdoor interactions rather than indoor ones whenever possible