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ABA Therapy

Aveanna Autism Services (ABA Therapy)

Aveanna’s ABA services provide children with the strategies and skills necessary to maximize their individual potential, achieve meaningful outcomes, and reach their goals to the greatest extent possible. These services also provide parents with useful strategies and techniques to support their child’s progress towards meeting developmental milestones in communication and behavior throughout their lifetime.

Our clinical team works closely with each family to evaluate the child’s needs then develop appropriate treatment plans, which can address the following areas:

  • Language and communication
  • Adaptive and self-help activities
  • Coping and tolerance
  • Attention
  • Pre-academic or academic skills
  • Safety
  • Social skills
  • Play and leisure
  • Community integration
  • Vocational skills
  • Reduction of interfering or inappropriate behaviors

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Applied Behavior Analysis is the applied field dedicated to the understanding and improvement of human behavior. It is the recommended treatment modality used for children with autism and related disabilities. Over the last few decades, ABA has become the most accepted, evidence-based treatment to assist children with autism in obtaining skills and reducing problem behaviors such as self-injury, food refusal, aggression, and interfering repetitive behaviors.

Aveanna utilizes the principles of ABA as the main treatment approach. We then supplement ABA techniques with traditional therapies such as speech, occupational, and physical therapy when appropriate, and coordinate services with other providers working with the child (e.g., teachers and physicians). The result is a well-rounded, interdisciplinary treatment that is tailored to your child’s needs.

If you are a parent who is navigating the journey of autism or a parent who has a child who could benefit from behavior services in your home, school, clinic, or community, Aveanna is here to help.

All programs maintain the following components:

Data collection is used every day and is tracked for daily, weekly, and monthly progress on all programs so you can see the progress your child is making.

Supervision of your child’s program is weekly or bi-weekly with a certified behavior analyst.

Positive reinforcement is the heart of what we do (your child should LOVE their sessions, and we are here to help make that happen).

Programs are evidence-based and can be cited in research studies. This means the therapies we use are proven effective in academically reviewed scientific studies.

Our certified behavior analysts and behavior technicians address three key areas:

  • Empowering parents and caregivers to support their child’s behavior and learning in various environments.
  • Learning new skills that bring about adaptive behaviors.
  • Reducing problematic or challenging behaviors.

Benefits of Aveanna’s ABA Services:

  • On-site clinical oversight by a board certified behavior analyst or an appropriately licensed professional.
  • All staff certified in crisis intervention or safety management program.
  • An in-network provider with most commercial insurances.
  • Top rated clinical practice standards nationally.

What Aveanna ABA Therapy Means to a Parent

ABA therapy is more than therapy; it is a partnership between you, your therapists, and your child. To be most effective, this therapy requires everyone working together to achieve the best results for your child. ABA is a detailed and difficult therapy to apply. It is time-intensive and requires training and practice, but it is worth the effort. ABA can help you become your child’s best advocate and educator, and it can also reduce your stress and anxiety by giving you effective ways to handle difficult situations through a nurturing and scientifically proven program.

What Aveanna ABA Therapy Means to a Child

Working with Aveanna can involve intensive intervention for up to 40 hours with one or two people. While intensive, this therapy is also fun for your child and provides a path for them to communicate, interact, and progress. ABA creates and follows a personalized plan to help your child find their own voice and to develop their skills. Your child’s therapy may include speech therapy, physical therapy, and/or occupational therapy. We may also use some new tools such as video modeling, social training, and technology to make great therapy even better for the unique needs of your child.

How Do I Pay for ABA Therapy?

Aveanna can help you navigate through the complexities of arranging and paying for the services your child needs. Funding for services can come through a variety of ways including Medicaid, private insurance, school, and private payment.

We realize navigating your child’s care can be overwhelming at times. We are here to help!

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