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Understanding Dysphagia

My child is having difficulty swallowing so I took her to the doctor, who used the term Dysphagia. What is Dysphagia? Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder and can be found in children who have neurological disorders. It is the medical […]

Preparing Your Child for the Future

How do I prepare my child with special needs emotionally for the future? Develop family bonds A child with special needs will go through the same emotional stages as other children. It is important to develop strong bonds within any […]

Keeping Holiday Gifts Safe for Your Child with Special Needs

What should I be concerned about in relation to holiday gifts and toys for my special needs child? All children, including those with special needs and disabilities, love new, cool, fun things – especially when those things are toys! As […]

Making the Holidays Fun for Everyone

I hate to leave my child with special needs out of all the holiday festivities. What can I do to make the holidays enjoyable for everyone? Crowds, lights, noise, strangers, hugging, and a change in routine can be a recipe […]

Understanding Equine-Facilitated Learning

What is EFL Therapy? Equine-Facilitated Learning EFL stands for Equine-Facilitated Learning.  It is a form of therapy that is used most typically for children who have mental or emotional disorders especially like ADD and Autism. It brings horses and children […]

Developing Your Child’s Skills

My child with special needs is not interactive with other children. What can I do? A child with special needs requires additional skill development in multiple areas. Children with special needs often do not pick up social skills on their […]

Beth’s Five Tips for Staying Healthy in School

How can I keep my child healthy in the school environment? The start of a new school year exposes children to many things: new friends, new teachers, and lots of germs. According to the National Institutes of Health, families with […]

Beth’s Back-to-School Tips

How can I help my special needs child adjust to school? The change from a relaxed summer schedule to a more rigid school schedule can be a difficult and trying process and may cause a lot of excitement and anxiety […]

Beth’s Four Steps to Self-Care

It is no secret that nurses struggle to practice self-care. They are so dedicated to taking care of everyone else, so driven to nurture and heal others, that all too often they neglect their own health. This neglect may not […]