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So why Aveanna?

At Aveanna, we simply have more to offer. We make significant investments in people, processes, and technology to bring better care to the world.

We are a trusted leader.

We are a leading provider of home healthcare, with strict standards, a robust compliance program, and investments in state-of-the-art technology and training.

We have a history of providing quality patient care.

Aveanna didn’t jump into caring for our most vulnerable populations yesterday: we’ve been bringing care home for over 30 years. This gives us the resources, scale, logistical structures, and the ability to attract, hire, and train staff that can consistently deliver better outcomes.

We are agile.

Aveanna is an established home healthcare company with a mindset focused on constant change and growth. Our ability to work quickly is unmatched, and we pride ourselves on our efficiency and quality. Our desire to build an agile, innovative company is built on the concept of continuous improvement.

We invest in our clinical product.

Our annual investment in clinical training, support, and quality is measured in the millions of dollars. It can also be measured by the quality and sophistication of our care.

We invest in clinical documentation and Electronic Medical Records.

Streamlining the documentation and reporting technology we use makes life easier for our nurses and clinicians. It also allows for families and physicians to actively participate in the care of their loved ones. This is made possible through the use of real-time clinical documentation, leading to better oversight, interventions, and outcomes.

We have training programs second to none.

We are proud to provide one of the highest levels of training in the home healthcare industry.

Nurses and caregivers hired by Aveanna attend an orientation that consists of 8–10 hours of intensive review of company processes, policies, and clinical training.

Our nurses have the opportunity to participate in additional training and competency education in caring for patients.

Aveanna nurses have their skills checked annually.

Our locations support the training of our nurses. All of our locations have a skills lab that prepares our nurses for real-life experiences in the home.

100% of our caregivers and all of our other employees receive mandatory compliance training. This assures you that your nurse and all of Aveanna are committed to doing the right thing.

We do professional screening and extensive background checks.

Candidates are first screened to ensure that they possess the education, experience, and skills required.

Candidates must then engage in in-person interviews with both clinical and operational management staff. Candidates must also provide two references, which are subsequently verified by Aveanna.

Additionally, prospective employees complete local, state, and national criminal background checks, including  fingerprinting as required, a sex offender registry check and screening against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General’ list of excluded individuals and entities (LEIE).

Candidates must also successfully complete pre-hire testing of nursing knowledge and competencies.

We have strong customer satisfaction and clinical metrics.

Our customer satisfaction numbers are consistently high. This metric is self-reported in pediatrics and reported by Medicare in our geriatric division. Aveanna uses a third-party vendor for its pediatric population to determine patient and family satisfaction.

Our clinical metrics and outcomes are consistently stronger than the national averages when those averages are broadly reported.