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October 2019

Tips for Adaptive Trick-or-Treating
Published Oct. 25, 2019
By Hallie Ager, PT It's that time of year again - time for the ghosts and goblins to fill the streets and for loads of candy to be handed out! While this is an exciting time for children, it can also be a time of stress and worry for some families…
Great Toys for Increasing Mobility
Published Oct. 18, 2019
By Katherine Shepard, PT There are so many benefits to getting children up and moving. It builds strength, promotes social interaction, allows them to explore and learn about their environment, and so much more! Children with movement disorders or …
Spooky Sensory Halloween Activities
Published Oct. 11, 2019
By Hays Nichols, PTA, and Chelsea Bise, PTA With Halloween lurking around the corner, here are some fun ideas for parties, therapy sessions, and functional décor! Not all children can participate in all activities, so this list encompasses fun for …
Finding Adaptive and Inclusive Halloween Costumes
Published Oct. 4, 2019
By Maggie Strange, PT, and Tiffany Keenum, SPT One of the best parts of Halloween is undoubtedly the costumes! Parents love to see their children experience the excitement of dressing up and participating in trick-or-treating or other Halloween acti…