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July 2021

Working as a Team with Your Homecare Nurses
Published July 28, 2021
Cambria lives with her grandmother LaMay and requires extensive care due to a condition called acute flaccid myelitis. Over the four and a half years that Cami has had nursing care, LaMay has learned a lot about working as a team with her homecare …
How Working with a Home Health OT Increase Independence
Published July 23, 2021
If one or both of your parents are struggling to manage daily tasks at home, there are steps you can take to help them maintain their independence. As abilities diminish during the aging process, families and other caregivers must often help the ol…
Adjusting to Homecare: Ryder's Story
Published July 21, 2021
Born at just 24 weeks gestation, Ryder faced significant health challenges from the very first breath he took. His parents, Rachel and Kevin, endured setback after setback as they tried to bring their son home. After 687 days in the hospital and a …
Understanding the Delta Variant
Published July 19, 2021
What is the Delta variant? Viruses always change through mutation. Slightly different forms of a virus are called “variants.” Delta is a variant of the virus that causes COVID-19. You’ve probably heard about the Delta variant in the news, so here a…