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February 2022

Help Your Loved One Stay Warm During Winter
Published Feb. 28, 2022
Older people lose body heat quickly and much faster than when they were young. Changes in the body that come with aging make it harder for older adults to be aware they are getting cold. Cold weather can turn into a dangerous health risk before an …
Inclusion Inspired: Domerio's Journey
Published Feb. 28, 2022
As we continue our celebration of Black History Month, we’re excited to introduce another Black history maker here at Aveanna. Domerio Martin, Senior Payer Relations Manager, is committed to personal and professional growth and has forged his own pa…
How to Manage COPD and Thrive
Published Feb. 28, 2022
Living with COPD can feel challenging, and many people feel overwhelmed when trying to cope with their symptoms. The information below can help you manage COPD symptoms and create healthy habits. • Quit Smoking. Giving up tobacco and nicotine is …
How to Nurture Relationships as You Age
Published Feb. 24, 2022
Many studies suggest that people who have social support and positive relationships have better mental health, physical health, improved cognitive skills, and longevity. Relationships help calm our stress-response system. Researchers discovered tha…
Helping Your Loved One with Low Vision
Published Feb. 22, 2022
Low vision and vision loss are common complaints for seniors, and it can be especially difficult for seniors to accept that they need help to adapt to changes in their senses such as vision and hearing. In fact, according to the National Eye Instit…