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June 2023

Overcoming with Home Health Therapy
Published June 27, 2023
This is a story about overcoming, healing, and never giving up. Dave owns his own construction company. Like so many others, he has worked very hard all his life. In 2020, Dave unexpectedly had a stroke. About 5 weeks after that, he was diagnosed wi…
Reducing Hospital Readmissions: The Benefits of Home Health Care
Published June 22, 2023
Home health care has become increasingly popular over the years as a viable alternative to hospitalization for patients with chronic illnesses or those recovering from surgery. In recent times, home health care has gained particular importance in r…
Finding My Purpose as a Hospice Nurse
Published June 20, 2023
Dawn joined our hospice team about four years ago, looking for a change. She found her purpose. As an Aveanna Hospice nurse, Dawn provides excellent care for her patients and their families, guiding and supporting them through a sacred time of trans…
Dave and Grace: Learning from Medically Fragile Fatherhood
Published June 18, 2023
“Parenting a disabled child changes you for the better,” Dave shares. “It makes you more compassionate. It might be a different journey than what you expected, but it’s an amazing one.” Dave’s introduction to fatherhood 16 years ago was certainly un…
Finding Joy in My Nursing Career
Published June 14, 2023
Monica joined the Aveanna team 10 years ago. As a new grad and single mom, she knew that one-on-one private duty nursing was the perfect job for her. Eventually she realized that it was more than just a great job – it was her passion and career. Mon…