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October 2023

7 Signs Mom or Dad May Need to Consider Hospice Services
Published Oct. 24, 2023
When it comes to our parents' well-being, we want to ensure they receive the best care and support possible. As they age, it's important to be aware of the signs that may indicate the need for hospice services. While discussing this topic with mom …
Does Medicare Provide Coverage for Home Health Services?
Published Oct. 24, 2023
Medicare covers home health services when an authorized medical professional certifies the need for skilled nursing care, physical therapy, or speech therapy, and the patient is homebound, meaning it's challenging to leave the home without assistan…
Staying Safe for Seniors as Colder Months Approach
Published Oct. 10, 2023
As the vibrant colors of autumn begin to grace the trees and the temperatures gradually drop, it's important for seniors to take extra care in keeping warm during the fall and colder months. With age, our bodies become more vulnerable to the effect…
5 Reasons Why Early Hospice Services Are Beneficial for Patients and Families
Published Oct. 3, 2023
Hospice is a positive, empowering form of care designed to provide comfort and support to patients and their families when a life-limiting illness no longer responds to cure-oriented treatments. The goal of hospice is to neither prolong life nor ha…
What is Occupational Therapy’s Role in Home Health?
Published Oct. 3, 2023
Occupational therapy is a healthcare profession that helps people of all ages enhance their ability to engage in meaningful daily activities, promoting independence and well-being. Occupational therapists assess individual needs, develop personaliz…