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Aurora and Coral
Published Nov. 23, 2018

November is National Home Care Month. This month reminds us of all the great work our caregivers do for our patients. And it is a great time to give thanks for our home health aides!

Working as a home health aide is a very special job. Aveanna home health aides combine care, respect, and dignity to allow patients to receive care in their homes, surrounded by the ones they love. That is a priceless gift. The best testament to our home health aides work is the things their patients have to say about them. Today, our patient Aurora would like to share a little bit about the relationship she shares with her Aveanna aide, Coral:

"Coral and I have been enjoying each other's company for over three and a half years and counting. We both look forward to seeing each other every weekend! She takes a load off my whole family's shoulders, and she makes it fun for me too!

No matter what we are doing, it feels more calming, safe, and secure with Coral here. She knows me so well that we even have our own little inside jokes about things we say or things that have happened during her shifts with me. We both get each other's dry sense of humor, too, which just helps us have more funny (at least to us) times together. We plan on staying together for as long as we can!

Thank you, Coral, for helping us all (especially me) so much!

Love, Aurora"

Thank you to Coral and all the other home health aides who care for their patients so well!