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Aveanna Safety Pledge: Cristian and Nurse Vega
Published Aug. 14, 2020

Nine-year-old Cristian was born with arthrogryposis and cognitive delay. He’s faced medical challenges his entire life. But in 2016, Cristian and his parents joined the Aveanna family and no longer had to face those challenges alone.

Since our nurses began working with Cristian, his hospitalizations have decreased. He has become more alert and is actively progressing in his physical and behavioral goals. We’ve helped him stay safe, healthy, and at home, where he can grow stronger and reach new milestones. According to Cristian’s parents, Mario and Veronica, their Aveanna nurses have also played a vital role in relieving stress from their family.

Vega, Cristian’s primary nurse, is always there for her patient and would do anything for him. When she heard about our safety pledge, she didn’t hesitate to take the pledge along with Cristian’s family.

The Aveanna Safety Pledge began as a promise between caregivers and patient families to only go out for work and essential needs. As the country began working to find a new normal in the face of the pandemic, our safety pledge evolved into a promise to continue to be safe for one another by wearing face coverings, practicing social distancing, using proper hand hygiene, and avoiding large gatherings.

At the heart of our pledge is our commitment to protecting one another. At Aveanna, it is our mission to make the world better through our care and commitment to others. We each have a part to play in helping our communities stay safe and healthy.

Mario, Veronica, and Vega were all excited to make this commitment to help keep each other and Cristian safe. Now more than ever, they are dedicated to working together to keep Cristian out of the hospital and safe and thriving at home. We hope you will use this opportunity to make the same commitment. We owe it to ourselves, our families, our patients, and the nation as a whole.