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Celebrating AJ's Amazing Progress
Published Feb. 15, 2019

AJ is the strongest seven-year-old we know, and after you hear his story, we know you’ll agree. This patient superstar was born at 29 weeks gestation and has already endured 9 life-improving surgeries, with his first major surgery at just two days old. A favorite amongst his community, AJ spreads happiness to all who meet him.

AJ joined the Aveanna Healthcare family back in 2013 and has been making life-changing progress ever since. Aveanna currently provides AJ’s enteral nutrition, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services to help him tackle the challenges brought on by his global delay, cerebral palsy, chronic constipation, spasticity, and nonverbal diagnoses.

AJ’s mother, Anita, is so proud of her son’s progression. “AJ has continued to improve at a slow and steady pace. He can now handle thicker formula and complete continuous feeds for ten hours through the night. From 2011 to 2013, AJ wasn’t gaining weight, and Aveanna helped put healthy weight on him with a feeding tube and the correct formula,” claims Anita.  “Our nurse, Angie, has been there for us every step of the way.”

As for his therapy progress, AJ can now go from sitting to standing, and can use his gait trainer/walker to take steps! He can roll over onto his stomach and even lay there and hold his head up while using his arms to prop himself up. His grip continues to improve and he is now able to throw a ball and push toy cars across the table. AJ has even learned sign language and some verbal communication – this kid is absolutely amazing!

AJ loves to be in the pool, play with toy cars, push around little monster trucks, and throw balls. He is happiest when he gets to spend time with his dad. Even though AJ is diagnosed as nonverbal, he finds a way to communicate with everyone. He always has a smile to share, even when he’s not feeling well. Making friends comes so naturally to AJ and he lights up every room he enters. AJ proudly goes to school and loves every minute. He even rides the bus all by himself in his wheelchair device.

AJ’s Aveanna care team is so happy for him and his family, and we’ll continue to celebrate each new milestone alongside them. Thank you for choosing Aveanna as your support system and extended family!