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Celebrating Nathaniel's "Inchstones"
Published Dec. 28, 2018

By Nathaniel's mom, Alysha

"To have joy in your heart, one must know how to appreciate the small things in life."  - Unknown

Our son Nathaniel was born with a rare SCN2a genetic mutation. Because of this mutation, he is nonverbal, non-ambulatory wheelchair bound, G-tube fed, and requires full time around the clock care. His only way of communication is by using baby-like sounds, eye gaze, and facial expressions. I know he enjoys interacting with his Aveanna therapists because he rewards them with the best heartwarming, contagious smiles and will occasionally talk to them in his special way.

Nathaniel has developed a bond of trust with his therapists that is crucial for his ability to progress. As his mother, I appreciate their respect for his boundaries for when he has reached his limit in their sessions, but I also like how they encourage him to reach his full potential, too. The gains he has made since we moved in July 2018 have been huge for our family and for Nathaniel. His core strength, head control, and his tolerance for tummy time have improved greatly!

We’re very grateful for Nathaniel’s "inchstones," for each of his therapists, and for the effort they invest in our son on a weekly basis. We have truly been blessed by God with an amazing home health therapy team. Like so many others that help provide care for our son, these therapists are also the "unsung heroes" in Nathaniel’s life. They help bring us more joy in this challenging journey of disability and special needs.