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Changed for the Better
Published March 22, 2019

By Martha, Justin's mom

I wish more people understood that having a son with Down syndrome did change my family’s life for sure, but that Justin changed us for the better.

Justin has taught us to value life more and appreciate what we are given. We all have had to educate ourselves and adapt to Justin’s needs. We’ve learned how to offer Justin the love, support, and respect he deserves as a human being and a family member in a way that fits his needs.

Justin has also taught us to be more open. He is never afraid to meet new people because he has an open heart. He is always ready to give the best of himself to others. Our community has accepted Justin well. He has one-on-one care at school and at home. He gives us his best, and we try to do the same for him with the effort that we put into his care.

Justin’s life with Down syndrome, or Trisomy 21, has inspired many people. Sometimes, he shows frustration, tiredness, and a bit of a temper – just like anyone else would. But that never stops him from being a loving, caring, helpful, respectful, kind, and forgiving boy. Fortunately, Justin lives in a country where he is valued, respected, and given the support he needs. I want more people to know that individuals with Down syndrome are human beings with important and beautiful perspectives on life, love, compassion, care, and fun. I want more people to know that my son is a valuable person. And I want more people to know that being born with an extra chromosome made Justin really special.