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Facing Challenges Together
Published Dec. 21, 2018

“We all know that there are no days off when you’re a parent,” Jeffrey says. “However, many people don’t understand that when you’re a parent of a special needs child, there aren’t even any moments off. When Gabriel goes to sleep, we can’t really relax, because what if his trach needs suctioning? Equally as bad, what if he rolls over and gets tangled up in his oxygen cord? We have to be constantly vigilant.”

Jeffrey and his wife, Cindy, knew their son, Gabriel, would be born with Down syndrome. But they couldn’t have imagined all the challenges that would come along with that diagnosis. Gabriel spent four months in the NICU. He’s had more surgeries in his short life than most have in a lifetime. And even when he’s home from the hospital, he requires constant care. That’s where Gabriel’s homecare nurse comes in.

It took some time to find the right fit for their family, but now Gabriel has the perfect homecare nurse by his side. “Gabriel’s nurse is amazing in her attentiveness,” Jeffrey shares. “She’s protective and skilled. She connected with Gabriel right away.” Now, Gabriel has a nurse he loves. His parents have help they can trust. And Gabriel can stay safe and healthy at home.

Having Gabriel home is a gift Jeffrey and Cindy will never take for granted. He makes every obstacle easier to face. “Gabriel’s condition can be hard,” Jeffrey admits. “Cindy and I are always watching and worrying about him. It’s challenging, but Gabriel keeps us going. He is amazing. He has endured incredible hardships, and he keeps such a happy disposition through it all. Seeing him playing and exploring and happy at home makes every difficulty so worth it.”