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Finding Flexibility, Growth, and Purpose in Homecare Nursing
Published March 12, 2024

“I wish more nurses knew about the benefits of making homecare your career,” Denise shares. “Some nurses think of homecare as the final chapter of a nursing career. But it can be your first chapter. Or the whole book! If you give it a try, you’ll see what I mean.”

Registered Nurse and Regional Vice President of Clinical Operations Denise Ordonez has spent most of her nursing career in homecare. While many of her peers chose hospital or facility care, Denise went a different route and found incredible benefits along the way.

“There’s so much flexibility in homecare,” Denise explains. “You can create your own schedule around what your family needs. This has allowed me to have a career and be a mother as well. I could schedule shifts or visits so that I could still do Donuts with Mommy and go to my kids’ award ceremonies. With homecare, you don’t have to pick your career or your kids.”

The flexibility of homecare allowed Denise to spend important moments with her family. And she came to love pediatric homecare even more when she saw that her work made those same moments possible for other families as well.

“Having kids of my own gave me clarity on my why,” Denise recalls. “The joy I felt being with my kids – I wanted to bring that to other families. It made me certain that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Flexibility, purpose, and passion drew Denise to homecare 12 years ago. The advancement opportunities made her stay and make homecare her career. With Aveanna, Denise became a clinical supervisor, a clinical director, then an AVP and is now an RVP.

“There are so many different avenues for nurses to make a difference in homecare,” Denise notes. “There’s shift work, clinical education positions, nurse leadership, case management, administrative roles. There are so many different opportunities for growth at Aveanna depending on your needs and your life.”

Homecare has been a challenging and fulfilling career for Denise, and she wants other nurses to know about this amazing option. “I wish more nurses knew about homecare,” she shares. “You get flexibility. You get to see firsthand the difference you make for families. And you have so many growth opportunities. Aveanna truly is a better place for nurses to grow.”

If you’re a nurse looking for flexibility, growth, and purpose, you’ll find all that and more at Aveanna. Join our team today.