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Katelyn & Nurse Lauren
Published Dec. 6, 2019

This is Katelyn and her Aveanna nurse Lauren.

Katelyn was born with Pierre-Robin syndrome. She has faced many other diagnoses resulting from this condition. But she’s faced them all with her unstoppable spirit and a smile.

Lauren joined the Aveanna family and Katelyn’s care team in January of 2018. From her very first day, Lauren has been an incredible asset to the team. She is dedicated to her profession and treats each and every patient with compassion, understanding, and care.

Lauren goes above and beyond – providing skilled nursing services to Katelyn, but also engaging her imagination and making her laugh. Lauren disguises therapy as playtime. She helps Katelyn have fun and learn at the same, whether they are at school or at home. Katelyn loves Lauren almost as much as she loves Minnie Mouse – high praise from Katelyn!

We celebrate all of our amazing nurses like Lauren, who care without limits.