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Kyndell's Goals
Published Aug. 31, 2018

A sheet of yellow notebook paper hangs on the wall at the end of Kyndell’s crib, where she can see it every day. It reads, “Kyndell’s Goals.” Aveanna Nurse Brittany wrote the list. She included objectives like “healthy weight,” “head control,” and “increase communication.” To some, these goals might seem obvious or simple. But for Kyndell this list is pretty special.

At birth, Kyndell was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism. Her doctors predicted that she wouldn’t make it through the next 48 hours. When Kyndell proved her doctors wrong, they conceded that she might live three more months. Today, Kyndell is two and a half years old. She spent the first sixteen months of her life in the hospital, fighting through surgeries and setbacks.

Kyndell made it through her time in the hospital but really began to thrive after she came home with her Aveanna caregivers. “I’ve always believed in Kyndell,” her mom, Sha, affirms. “But she continues to amaze me more and more every day. They told me before we left the hospital that she would do well at home. But her progress has truly been amazing. She has grown so much with Brittany and Cari by her side.”

Instead of making lists of what she’ll never do, Nurse Brittany and Nurse Caridad celebrate all that Kyndell does. Like Sha, they have faith in Kyndell’s power to conquer the obstacles in her way. Brittany and Cari set goals for Kyndell, not boundaries. They encourage her to develop further in every way she can. Every day, Kyndell is overcoming her limitations because Brittany and Cari stand beside her, cheering her on.