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Leila and Forever Nurses Cindy and Margie
Published Sept. 13, 2019

Patient Leila with Nurse Cindy and Nurse MargieOur patient Leila lives with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a genetic disorder that causes progressive muscle weakness and leaves Leila in need of constant care. For the past six years, that constant care has come from Leila’s Aveanna Forever Nurses, Cindy and Margie.

Cindy and Margie are an amazing duo. They work together to cover Leila’s shifts and ensure she has everything she needs. Cindy attends all of Leila’s doctors’ appointments with her. Margie makes sure that Leila’s nails are always painted and pretty. They both treat Leila like a princess.

Recently, Leila began receiving a new treatment for SMA. The injections can be painful at times, but Leila always knows that she has Cindy and Margie by her side to help her through any difficulties she faces. With this new treatment, Leila has been making incredible improvements. She can now do things like moving her fingers and holding a ball and then letting it fall. One particularly exciting accomplishment for Leila is her sweet smile, which Cindy and Margie always love to see. Leila is doing so well, and Cindy and Margie are a huge part of that. Their compassion and care make Leila’s progress possible. We are so grateful to have these wonderful Forever Nurses on the Aveanna team. We can’t wait to see where Leila goes next with these two by her side.