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Season of Miracles: Persephone
Published Dec. 11, 2017

Persephone – or Sephy, as her nurse Sunflower calls her – has idiopathic progressive neuropathy. Sunflower says that this diagnosis has come with “many lows, but also many highs and more of them.” Sunflower’s favorite story about Persephone shows a glimpse into the progress that she is making and reminds us that successes we may see as small can be miracles to the ones who achieve them.

One day, Persephone’s mom decided that a shopping trip was in order, a girls’ day out with Mom, Grandma, Nurse Sunflower, and Persephone. As Sunflower and Persephone explored different shops, Sunflower asked Sephy to hold a bottle of perfume she had purchased. “Her little paralyzed fingers are starting to wake up,” Sunflower says, “so I thought this would be a good OT exercise.” Persephone held on as tight as she could, relishing this small challenge.

After their shopping excursion, the four ladies went to lunch. Sunflower made sure that Persephone had a place at the table that allowed her to see outside. “The look on her face made us all stop and watch,” Sunflower remembers. “She was clutching my perfume like it was gold, and staring outside with the most peaceful, content expression.” For most of us, it is just a bottle of perfume. But for Sephy, it is a small victory, her very own little miracle.