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Myra's Therapy Team
Published March 15, 2019

By Delisa Derbyshire, PTA 

Meet Myra. She is a happy, unstoppable three-year-old with Rett’s syndrome. Perhaps the most striking thing about Myra is her brightly attentive, beautiful eyes. Although she cannot talk, Myra communicates with her eyes in a way more powerful than words.

Myra struggled to meet milestones and received early intervention physical therapy even before her Rett’s diagnosis. After her diagnosis, Myra began receiving occupational and speech therapy as well. A coordinated therapy effort is a vital part of managing Rett’s syndrome. Myra’s Aveanna therapists understand that. Each team member, regardless of discipline, recognizes how important it is for Myra’s development that they coordinate their therapeutic efforts with the rest of her team to provide Myra with the best care possible. 

Now, Myra regularly receives physical, occupational, and speech therapy in order to optimize her growth and development. Weight-bearing exercises and stretching during my physical therapy sessions with Myra helps support her bone density and flexibility. Myra’s Aveanna Speech Therapist, Paula, addresses feeding needs, alternative communication methods, and language development. And Occupational Therapist Wanda provides creative approaches to tackle everyday tasks and maximize Myra’s growth.

In spite of all the hard things that Myra continues to have to conquer every day, she always has the biggest smile that lights up any room she is in. Her eyes don’t just see us – they speak to us and move us! Myra is one of the strongest, bravest, and most amazing little girls you may ever meet. Paula, Wanda, and I are honored to know Myra and be part of her care team every day.