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Overcoming with Home Health Therapy
Published June 27, 2023

This is a story about overcoming, healing, and never giving up.

Dave owns his own construction company. Like so many others, he has worked very hard all his life. In 2020, Dave unexpectedly had a stroke. About 5 weeks after that, he was diagnosed with COVID-19, which settled in his cerebellum. This took a lot out of him. Dave was no longer the independent, self-reliant person he had always been. Now, Dave had to rely on his family for support and assistance with everyday things that are often taken for granted.

Dave needed assistance in all aspects of daily living. He had left sided weakness from the stroke and poor trunk control. Every time Dave sat up in the wheelchair for over 10 minutes, his blood pressure would drop. He was unable to hold his torso up and would bend over within a minute or so. Dave slept in a recliner for over a year due to back pain when lying down. He was either in his recliner or a wheelchair. Dave was unable to stand up by himself, let alone walk.

Dave started working with Aveanna a couple of years ago. He has had skilled nursing and physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Dave has since regained so much quality of life and continues to do so every day.

Dave is now able to sleep in bed without back pain. He can transfer himself into bed about 50% of the time. He can do a log roll and sit up at the edge of the bed 80% of the time. His blood pressures are more stable, and he can stand on his own, do toe-touch exercises and steps. He even made his own wooden blocks in the same dimensions of his stairs to practice on! Dave can walk with a walker or stand-by assist and transfer in/out of a vehicle. Recently, Dave walked 48 feet with Aveanna Physical Therapist Chris, which is the farthest he has walked since before the stroke!

Dave continues to have occasional setbacks, but with the 24/7 support from his wife, who is his #1 fan, and his clinical team at Aveanna, Dave can continue to receive therapy in the comfort of his home to help maintain his strength and independence.

Dave works with physical therapy 2 times a week on strengthening exercises, transfers, and balance. He also works with occupational therapy for maintenance, and an RN sees him every other week. Every day, Dave’s wife spends a total of 5 hours with Dave working on additional strengthening exercises and stretching that PT Chris taught her.

Dave now enjoys going for car rides, pontoon rides and has even done some planting and harvesting. Some of Dave's goals are to return to the farms and to continue to manage projects with his construction company.

PT Chris has worked in home health care for 16 years and said, “I have not had a more determined patient. Dave has had an immense impact on my life and perspective.”

Dave’s wife said, “Dave speaks life and is a model of encouragement and OVERCOMING to everyone who comes into our home and feels the warmth and atmosphere here.”

Dave and his wife’s motto is "Overcoming Is Happening Here!"

If you would like to help individuals like Dave overcome and thrive in the comfort of their homes, click here to learn more about our Home Health opportunities.