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Preparing Your Child for the Future
Published Jan. 11, 2019

By Beth Rubio, Chief Clinical Officer

How do I prepare my child with special needs emotionally for the future?

Develop family bonds

A child with special needs will go through the same emotional stages as other children. It is important to develop strong bonds within any family. Strong family bonds provide for stability, influence, and support and help to build trust among family members.

Extended family and other caregivers are also relationships that are important in your child’s development as he or she builds a sense of self for the future. These relationships help build strong communication and social skills as well as help develop a sense of independence.

Encourage trial and error

Allow your child to try new tasks, be part of decisions, make decisions on their own, and be exposed to new experiences. These build a strong foundation for the future. Allow your child to make mistakes and be there for support.

Explain asking for help

Healthy emotions also include asking for help. We all need guidance from time to time. Teach your child how and when to ask for help. Knowing how and when to ask for assistance will be an important skill for your child as he or she moves through life.

Helping children prepare for life requires work and effort. Everyone wants their children to be strong and successful. Maintaining close relationships and open communications helps parents ensure their children are well prepared for the future.