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Season of Miracles: Nya's Forever Family
Published Dec. 29, 2017

Beautiful Nya is a miracle baby with her very own miracle family. Born with cerebral palsy, Nya faced countless challenges within the first few months of her life. But when she was five months old, Nya’s adoptive family found her and went to the hospital to fight alongside her. Things have been uphill for this little fighter ever since.

After one of their daughters was born with Down’s syndrome, Nya’s parents began looking to adopt children with special needs. They now have twelve children, six of whom have Down’s syndrome and two of whom have cerebral palsy. Nya’s mom, Meredith, says that having so many siblings is actually one of the things that are improving Nya’s health.

Meredith attributes Nya’s rapid physical and emotional health improvements to the attention she gets from her siblings. When Nya’s siblings play with her, Meredith sees it as more than just a fun activity or bonding experience for the kids. Her siblings’ love and affection is a large part of what has helped Nya progress so quickly. We are so happy to be able to help Nya stay at home, surrounded by the love of her miracle family.