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Briella and Nurse Valerie
Published June 5, 2020

Today, we are celebrating our patient Briella and Nurse Valerie!

Nurse Valerie cares for Briella with incredible compassion and skill. She is dedicated to Briella through anything and everything they might face.

In April, Valerie and Briella’s grandmother Betty came down with coronavirus symptoms on the same day, and both later tested positive. Betty wanted to cancel all nursing services for her granddaughter when Valerie wasn’t able to work. But with Betty sick as well, there would be no one to care for Briella.

Briella’s care team jumped on board and found another nurse who was able to work a shift with the appropriate PPE and teach Briella’s uncle how to give her tube feedings and provide other necessary care. She also educated the family on proper quarantining and infection control. Betty was able to focus on her own recovery, knowing that Briella would be well taken care of. Once Betty and Valerie had fully recovered, Valerie returned to caring for Briella. It was great teamwork with the family and Briella’s Aveanna team that kept Briella, her family, and her nurses safe during this time. We are glad to report that everyone is now safe and healthy. And Briella and Nurse Valerie are so happy to be together again!

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