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Supporting Your Older Loved One with Low Vision
Published Feb. 28, 2023

Eye diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma can impact your loved one’s abilities and quality of life. Here is how you can help your loved one with low vision.

1) Take Your Loved One To the Eye Doctor

It’s important for your older loved one to have a yearly eye examination. Many vision problems can be corrected and improved with corrective lenses or surgical procedures. Take your senior to the eye doctor to learn how to help them improve low vision or other eye conditions.

2) Hire a Home Health Care Aide

Your loved one with low vision can benefit from having a home health care aide to keep them safe at home. Many seniors with low vision have a higher risk of falls or can’t read medicine bottles, leading to medication errors. They may also have difficulty navigating steps, uneven surfaces, or slippery bathtubs.

3) Eliminate Fall Risks

Help your loved one make their home safe and fall-proof. Purchase nightlights for all bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms to reduce the risk of night-time falls. Eliminate clutter and remove hazards such as throw rugs and electrical cords. When possible, eliminate steps or stairs, especially if your family member has a history of falls.

4) Get Organized

Help your loved one by keeping items they use often in a centralized place. Sometimes using a basket to store objects makes it easier to find things like keys or daily medications.