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The Benefits of Working in Home Care
Published June 21, 2019

By Beth Rubio, Chief Clinical Officer

Working in the home care setting is very different than working in a facility or hospital. If you've never worked as a caregiver in the home before, you might be a little hesitant or even apprehensive about the idea. But working in home health care and home care is very rewarding for so many reasons. Today, I'd like to share with you some of the many benefits of working in home care.

Provide holistic, one-on-one care

When you work with patients in the home, you get to focus all of your attention on one patient. You will be able to provide care to your patient in a holistic approach, ensuring all their needs are met. You can be confident that you are giving the best care possible to your patient each and every day.

Be part of a caring team

While you will provide one-on-one care in the home, you'll also be part of an incredible, caring team for your patient. That team includes physicians, specialists, other types of providers, other caregivers who work different shifts with the patient, the office support staff that coordinates care, and the patient's Clinical Supervisor. You may be the only team member in the home at certain times, but you will always have a vast support system behind you, ready to jump in and help whenever you need it.

Benefit from expert clinical guidance

While our caregivers work in patients' homes, we always follow physician orders and plans of care. You can be confident in working with the guidance of clinical experts. You can also be confident in the direction of our Clinical Supervisors, who schedule regular visits to each and every patient's home and are always available to give direction and feedback as needed.

See firsthand the difference you make

When you work in home care, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped a patient remain in their home environment and meet their maximum potential. You will go home at the end of your shift or visit feeling you were able to give all of your attention to your patient, providing the individualized, quality care they need. You will be able to watch your patient grow, meet their goals, and, at times, be discharged. Some patients, due to the nature of their conditions, will never be discharged. Regardless of the patient's outcome, you will play an integral part in helping them live a normal life, in their home, nurtured by the love and assistance of their family and support system. The feeling of providing that sort of care to your patients is what makes home health care so incredible.

If you're interested in working in home health care, come join the Aveanna team. We'll support you during the transition with training, orientations, and clinical supervision. We'll help you reap the amazing benefits of home care in a way that works for you. We have immediate openings for nurses, therapists, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Registered Behavior Technicians, Home Health Aides, and Certified Nursing Assistants. Furthermore, if you do not feel that home care is right for you, we also have facility care openings in many areas. You can search for opportunities near you at