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The Dream Board
Published Oct. 20, 2017

Aveanna mom Natosha has led her family in focusing on the positives in life, even when everything seems overwhelmingly negative. The focal point of the Voss kitchen is Natosha’s dream board, which is filled with her future hopes and present inspiration. The center of the board is a picture of Natosha surrounded by her five children, who are always her foremost concerns. Crowded around that centerpiece are things that she is working toward: a Lexus, a beach vacation, a beautiful new home. Natosha’s dream board is her motivation for her job as a skin care consultant.

“It’s something that I can control,” Natosha says of her work. “People are always helping us, and this gives me a chance to help others.” In her world, where disease plagues children and the unexpected seems to be around every corner, Natosha’s work is one of the few things that puts the ball back in her court. It empowers her to not only help provide for herself and her family, but also inspire other women to take charge of their own lives.

Before moving to Georgia to seek better care opportunities for their two daughters with spinal muscular atrophy, the Voss family renovated their home in South Dakota to make a wheelchair-accessible area for their eldest daughter, Denalli. One day Denalli came out of her brand new accessible bathroom rubbing her face with a wash cloth and complaining, “Mom, these spots won’t come off!”

“Those are angel kisses,” Natosha laughed, explaining that freckles could not be washed off. Natosha remembers the discoveries that accessibility brought her daughter Denalli and wants those same experiences for her youngest daughter, Ryka, who also spends most of her day in a wheelchair. She knows that in order to give both of her daughters with SMA more freedom to just be kids they need a more accessible house. The family’s dream home is one of the greatest motivators on Natosha’s dream board.

The Voss home is full of fun and action. Their lively environment is due in large part to Natosha and her focus on what can be positively changed in her children’s lives. Her skin care consulting enables her to contribute financially to her family, but it does so much more than just that. It gives Natosha something she can manage in an unmanageable world, something that she can use to help both her family and other women. Instead of giving into the uncertainties of life, she has chosen to find ways to make her life and home just a little bit more stable.