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Watching Gracie Grow
Published April 17, 2018

Kind-hearted, beautiful, and strong, Miss Gracie is a patient superstar to be sincerely celebrated. She is now 10 years old, and our care team has had the privilege of watching her grow up since she began private duty nursing services with us at the age of 2.

Diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) at birth, Gracie has had to work very hard to achieve every milestone along her life’s journey. Over the years, Gracie has made amazing progress, and we appreciate her family allowing us to publicly praise her progress.

According to Gracie’s mother, Bea, “Exceptional nurses have played a significant role in Gracie’s developmental progress and have minimized her hospital readmissions. The nurses are great about reinforcing what Gracie learns at school and her therapy services. These daily efforts have contributed to her increased physical strength and also sharpened her cognitive skills. Gracie is a non-verbal child, but she has learned a unique style of communication. It’s amazing that our child, who is showered with affection from all who love her, is quickly learning how to reciprocate that affection.”

“Our precious Gracie is a very active little girl, who enjoys the simplest things in life everywhere she goes. Her smile and laughter will brighten anyone’s day. She is always full of energy, eager to have you engage her in a fun activity. Gracie is the biggest fan of water! She loves to be in a swimming pool or water park, and she definitely enjoys splashing in her bathtub. Gracie has a growing interest in books and genuinely loves music. Gracie enjoys playing with anything electronic, especially her iPad,” shares Bea.

Her loving family and her care team have a beautiful partnership to help Gracie continue to soar. We are so proud of Gracie, and we cannot wait to celebrate her next achievements together.