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Year of the Nurse: Miracle and Nurse Bernadette
Published Aug. 7, 2020

Nurse Bernadette has cared for her patient Miracle for 15 years. Throughout the years they’ve been together, Bernadette’s clinical skills, attention to detail, and dedication have made an incredible difference in Miracle’s life. And, at the same time, these two have formed an unbreakable bond.

Bernadette came out of retirement to be Miracle’s nurse. She has spent the last 15 years devoted to her patient’s care. Bernadette encourages Miracle in her motor skills exercises and makes even the most difficult exercises fun for her.

Miracle and Bernadette have a special way of interacting that allows them to communicate without words. Some have said it’s almost like they can read each other’s minds. It’s clear that these two make a great team and bring out the best in each other. For Miracle, Bernadette is more than just a nurse – she is family.