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Category: Pediatric Therapy

Presley's Speech Therapy Journey
Published May 24, 2019
Presley started therapy services with Aveanna in December of 2017. He was a bright, happy, and intelligent three-year-old. But Presley also had a severe fluency disorder and was beginning to show anxiety about the way he spoke. When Aveanna Speech-L…
Halle's Physical Therapy Journey
Published Dec. 7, 2018
By Clay Reedy PT, DPT Halle began her Aveanna physical therapy journey by screaming at the sight of me. But the more often I came to see her, the more acclimated to my presence she became. After my first few visits, Halle was happy to see me. Halle …
Increasing Isabella's Independence
Published Oct. 19, 2018
By Hays Nichols, PTA I started working with Isabella, one of my younger clients, in January. She was close to turning two, and her mother was getting worried – her baby girl wasn’t walking yet. But we knew that, with physical therapy, Isabella could…
I Can and I Will
Published Oct. 5, 2018
“I can and I will.” That’s eleven-year-old Kennedy’s motto. She repeats it to her grandmother and mother, Tashia, every morning. “Kennedy puts her leg braces on and is ready to face the world,” Tashia beams. When other kids ask Kennedy about her br…
Nick's First Day of School
Published Sept. 21, 2018
The first day of school is an exciting time for any student. But for our patient Nicholas, it was a particularly special milestone this August. Nicholas started coming to the Aveanna therapy clinic in Houston, Texas three years ago. At the time, he …