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A Nurse's Calling: Patricia Vejar
Published Oct. 12, 2018

After years of working at a local family clinic, registered nurse Patricia Vejar’s rigid work schedule eventually began to wear on her. When Patricia heard about private duty nursing, she jumped at the chance for a more flexible schedule.

“With a teenager at home and a grandmother who depends largely on me,” Patricia explains, “it was important to me that I could choose what days and hours I worked. I needed that flexibility.”

But, like so many nurses before her, Patricia found more than just a flexible schedule when she began working with her first patient. She found a nursing job that filled her heart and changed her life.

“I love seeing my patient every day, getting to know her, and having that one-on-one time with her,” Patricia shares. “The bond I have with her pushes me to be a better nurse and to give 110% every day.”

Patricia accepted a private duty nursing position because it fit her life. She stuck with it because it changed her life. That’s why she encourages other nurses to give private duty nursing a shot. “If you need flexibility,” Patricia advises, “if you like giving one-on-one care to your patients, if you want to see firsthand the impact your care has on their lives, private duty nursing is where you need to be.”