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Category: Parent to Parent

Jose and Lucia: Navigating Medically Fragile Fatherhood
Published June 16, 2024
“I love everything about being a dad. I love coming home and seeing my family and spending as much time as I can with them.” Jose has always treasured his family. But he learned just how precious his children, Lucia and Colleen, are when a motor veh…
Elijah's Story: From Hospice Care to Forever Home
Published Aug. 25, 2023
Ten months ago, Elijah was in the hospital on hospice care, waiting for the right foster family to bring him home and give him some comfort in his last days. Then he met Becca, and everything changed. Less than a year later, Elijah is off hospice ca…
Kai and Nurse Rhonda
Published July 19, 2023
Congratulations to Kai, who graduated from our care just last month! Kai’s story is an incredible one of overcoming with the help of expert care from his nurses and endless love and support from his moms, Latoyia and Jaleesa. Kai was born at 28 wee…
Dave and Grace: Learning from Medically Fragile Fatherhood
Published June 18, 2023
“Parenting a disabled child changes you for the better,” Dave shares. “It makes you more compassionate. It might be a different journey than what you expected, but it’s an amazing one.” Dave’s introduction to fatherhood 16 years ago was certainly un…
Navigating Medically Fragile Motherhood
Published May 14, 2023
Mollie’s motherhood journey has not been an easy one. At 20 weeks gestation, she learned her pregnancy was high-risk. Her daughter Ivy was delivered by emergency c-section at 36 weeks and taken straight to the NICU. After multiple surgeries, procedu…