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Aveanna Lifesaver: Nurse Michelle
Published May 29, 2020

Nurse Michelle holding Jamie and smilingA couple of months ago, Nurse Michelle started a shift with her patient Jamie. The day began much like any other as Michelle went through Jamie’s morning routine. Then the alarm on Jamie’s pulse oximeter began to sound.

Michelle calmly assessed the situation and quickly took action. She repositioned Jamie, checking for breathing and pulse. Jamie had a pulse, but he wasn’t breathing.

Michelle immediately began bagging Jamie. After a few minutes that felt like forever, Jamie’s pulse ox began to read again and his color returned. He was placed on the ventilator and woke up. Michelle had saved his life. This is not the first time that Jamie has gone into arrest. Michelle has performed CPR on Jamie and revived him multiple times. Her presence of mind, quick action, and compassionate care are vital to keeping Jamie safe at home with his family. Michelle is a hero to Jamie, his family, and all of us at Aveanna. Thank you, Michelle, for providing such amazing care. Your selfless determination to help Jamie during the most difficult of circumstances is truly incredible. To Michelle and all of our Aveanna nurse heroes – Thank you so much for everything you do!

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