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Celebrating Zayden's Progress
Published July 19, 2019

Zayden is a two-year-old toddler who started attending one of Aveanna’s Pediatric Day Health Care centers when he was an infant. Zayden had meconium aspiration at birth, which caused him to have severe reactive airway disease. Zayden's early days were difficult and sometimes frightening for him and his family. But with his Aveanna team and his incredible fighting spirit, Zayden overcame many of his early obstacles.

Zayden has greatly improved during his time at our center. He still struggles with allergies and moderate to severe dermatitis, but he continues to improve and develop with the help of his Aveanna care team.

Zayden is very friendly and social. He enjoys singing and playing ball with his friends at the center. We enjoy seeing him grow and progress in his health every day. We are so proud of Zayden's progress and his unstoppable spirit!