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Five Tips for Living with Arthritis
Published May 16, 2022

Finding out that you have arthritis can seem overwhelming at first, but you can take some steps to feel better and manage your symptoms. According to the Arthritis Foundation, forming a partnership with your doctor can provide the support you need to get the most from your treatment plan. These five tips can help you live your best life with arthritis.

1) Track Your Symptoms Manage your treatment plan by tracking your symptoms, pain levels, medications, and side effects. This allows you and your doctor to learn what works best for you. You can find a health tracker here:

2) Manage Pain Follow your treatment plan and take your arthritis medication as directed by your doctor. Be sure to report any side effects to your healthcare provider.

3) Address Your Fatigue Staying hydrated, eating healthy food, moving daily, and developing a consistent sleep routine can help you feel less fatigued.

4) Move Every Day Moving daily reduces your pain and arthritis symptoms. The Arthritis Foundation recommends walking, which strengthens muscles and helps shift pressure from joints and reduce pain. A consistent walking routine helps circulate synovial fluid, which brings oxygen to your joints.

5) Improve Your Sleep Going to bed at the same time each night and establishing a bedtime ritual, such as taking a bath, meditating, can help. So can avoiding daytime naps and exercising early in the day. Be sure to avoid exercise for 4 hours before bed, because it can keep you awake if done before bedtime.