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The Difference a Homecare Nurse Can Make
Published Aug. 13, 2021

Rubi’s parents heard the word “never” a lot after their daughter was born. Rubi would never walk. Rubi would never talk. And some days it felt like Rubi would never come home. When she finally could come home, her doctors said Rubi would need 24/7 nursing care. It felt like one more impossible obstacle for this little one to overcome.

But Aveanna nurses make the impossible possible every day. Rubi’s care team worked together to finally bring her home after 74 days in the hospital. And since then, they have been working hard to keep her healthy and reaching new milestones.

“If you’re a nurse who’s on the fence about working in homecare, I wish I could tell you all the small and huge ways you can make a difference for a family like mine,” Rubi’s mom says. “You can’t imagine how heartbreaking it is to tuck your baby in for the night in a hospital bed and have to leave her there while you go home. There are kids just like Rubi today who are in the hospital and should be able to come home, but they can’t because there aren’t enough homecare nurses. If you’re a nurse, you can change that. You can make joy, growth, and family possible for our kids.”

Rubi’s Aveanna nurses have changed her life, helped her progress, and supported her family through the most challenging times. If you’re interested in becoming a homecare nurse and helping families like Rubi’s, visit today for more information on opportunities in your area.