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Category: Parent to Parent

Working as a Team with Your Homecare Nurses
Published July 28, 2021
Cambria lives with her grandmother LaMay and requires extensive care due to a condition called acute flaccid myelitis. Over the four and a half years that Cami has had nursing care, LaMay has learned a lot about working as a team with her homecare …
Celebrating the Adventures of Fatherhood
Published June 20, 2021
Jeff and Brian love being fathers and are deeply passionate about the family they have built together with their children, Carter and Gabriana. Like any parenting journey, theirs has its challenges. But these dads enjoy every step along the way. C…
A Medically Fragile Mother's Motivation
Published May 9, 2021
Moms are heroes. They do the impossible, work tirelessly, and take care of everyone else along the way. How do they do it? Aveanna mom Nicole says it’s all about having the right motivation. Nicole’s daughter, Keisha, was born with club feet and a…
Gerald's Story: A Tribute to Fathers of Medically Fragile Children
Published June 21, 2020
Gerald became a father through adoption over twenty years ago and has devoted his life to his four children ever since. His son Daquan and daughter, Ivy, both live with cerebral palsy and significant support needs. But no matter how much love and en…
Seeing Through His Eyes: The Beauty of Medically Fragile Motherhood
Published May 10, 2020
For Maria, motherhood hasn’t always been easy. But it is always beautiful. Her older son, Darian, was born premature and lives with cerebral palsy. Maria had to go home from the hospital without Darian soon after he was born. She then watched for mo…